Comparison of, and

Comparison of, and

Comparison of, and

Finding the right service to order your dissertation from is very difficult. There are dozens of companies that promise to deliver the best quality on the market and offer favorable pricing policies. However, not all of them deliver the expected results. For the sake of helping PhD candidates to choose the right service for their needs, we decided to make a comparative description of three prestigious dissertation writing services:, and

To make things clear from the start, you should keep in mind that all three services deliver brilliant quality and have hired reliable writers in their team. Your decision will ultimately come down to the little nuances that make one service more fitting to your personal requirements.

General Information

The most notable thing that distinguishes from the other two services is its focus towards the UK market. This company has hired solely British writers in its team, and they have all gained their PhD degrees from prestigious UK universities. This is a very important factor for UK customers, since it’s always beneficial for them to order their projects from writers who understand the standards of their educational system.

You can also get your dissertation written by UK writers at and, but that will cost you additional 5% of the order’s total. These two websites are more suitable for customers from the US, Australia, Canada and other English-speaking countries.

Services Offered

All three services are focused on delivering dissertations and different chapters of dissertations, as well as theses, thesis proposals, and research proposals.

However, none of these companies is limited to dissertation writing services. In the order form at, you will also find the following services featured: coursework, lab report, essay, term paper, research paper, case study, programming, book review, PowerPoint presentation, and speech/presentation. offers all above-mentioned services, but its offer is extended with book report, movie review, math/physics/economics/statistics problems, article critique, article, reaction paper, annotated bibliography, statistics project, multiple choice questions, online assignment, and simulation report. This service has one of the most extensive offers on the market. also offers a wide selection of services. In comparison to, you cannot order simulation reports and online assignments at this website, but you can get an application paper.
All three services deliver professional editing services, while and also provide services of formatting and proofreading.

Many students wonder why they should order college-level papers from PhD writing services. The answer is simple: the companies that specialize in doctoral-level content deliver much higher quality in all other areas. The writers they hire are more experienced when compared to the usual custom-writing services.

Comparison of Prices

Considering that all three services deliver high level of quality and enable highest level of convenience and safety throughout the entire procedure, the prices they offer are reasonably affordable. You will find clear pricing charts at all three websites.

The prices at are provided in British Pounds, but for the sake of comparing these three companies, we will take the quotes converted in USD. When ordering a dissertation at this website, you can choose among three levels of quality: Undergraduate (2:02), Master (2:01), and PhD (1st Class). The deadlines for dissertation orders range from 2 months to 48 hours, and the prices are set from $19.53 to $42.33 per page. Although the prices of this service are slightly higher when compared to US companies, keep in mind that the standards of the British market are higher as well, so this company is still affordable. also offers three quality levels: Standard, Advanced, and Premium. The urgency options are the same; you can choose a deadline from 2 months to 48 hours when it comes to dissertation orders. The quotes per page are more affordable when compared to and; they range from $17.99 to $34.99. has a slightly different pricing system that allows for more flexibility. You can choose between four quality options: Undergraduate, Master, Specialized, and PhD. The deadlines range from 2 months to 48 hours and the prices are set from $19.99 to $46.99 per page. This is a highly reputable service with impressive experience, which enables it to charge a little higher for its dissertation writing assistance.


At, you can get your first order with a discount of 12%. enables the customers to save a fixed amount of $20 on any paper; and offers a price reduction of $15.

At and, the loyal customers are treated with price reductions of 5%, 10% and 15% when they order 15-50, 51-100 and 101+ pages respectively. has a more beneficial policy for permanent discounts, since the number of pages you need to accumulate is lower. You will get the discount of 5% when you order more than 10 pages; 10% when the number of ordered pages exceeds 20; and a golden discount of 15% when you order more than 30 pages at the website.

Customer Support

The customer support teams of all three services are outstanding. The representatives are non-stop available via several contact options, including a live chat feature and phone numbers. No matter which one of these three companies you choose, you can rest assured that you will receive impeccable support along the way.

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