Top 5 Most Undesirable Topics for Essay Writing

Top 5 Most Undesirable Topics for Essay Writing

Have you ever had to write a paper you had no idea how to start? Every student has been in such situation. All essays are challenging, but there are certain topics that cause the greatest headaches. Professors are particularly fond of them, so it’s no wonder why you have to write such papers at one point or another.

The following 5 topics have been dubbed as some of the most undesirable assignments that students get:

1. The death penalty

This is a controversial issue that’s always deeper than it seems. If you say NO to death penalty and start explaining why you are representing the particular standing, you will come across many opposite arguments that you’ll also need to elaborate in the paper. Professors love confusing students with this issue and giving low grades based on the argument “not enough research and facts” or “lack of passionate discussion”. How are you supposed to get passionate about death penalty anyway?

2. Issues of contemporary feminism and their effect on today’s society

In order to write a brilliant paper on this topic, the student has to have a base of knowledge in classical sociology. Most writers usually get lost in religious texts and fail to understand the essence of gender inequality that goes way beyond and behind those sources. People write entire doctoral papers on this issue, so it’s easy to understand why it is difficult for a college student to produce a relevant discussion in a 5-paragraph essay.

3. Analyze the poem and show how it affected you

It doesn’t matter what poem we are talking about; they are all difficult to analyze. The truth is, most students have zero interest in poetry, and those with true inclination towards reading poems have difficulties to express the emotions a particular piece caused. It’s easier to write an actual poem than to review the work of an outstanding poet.

4. Topics associated to colonialism

No matter how frustrated they are by the lack of students’ interest in colonialism issues, professors keep assigning these papers. Truth be told, colonialism is a deep issue that has affected and destroyed many relationships and entire societies, but it’s difficult for a young student to research those issues and think how seriously they have affected the development of humanity.

5. Science and religion

Many people have made an attempt to draw the science – religion parallel, but most have failed in it. The debate is never-ending, so there is a lot of information and citations you can use in your discussion. However, you can only write a memorable essay if you base it upon your own reasoning and discuss both sides of the coin. Most essays on this matter end up being overly-prejudiced and biased, which is not something professors are looking for.

You can still write an impressive paper on a difficult topic

It doesn’t matter how hard the essay’s topic is; you can always find an interesting angle that enables you to write an incredible discussion. Try to find an aspect that awakens your curiosity, research as much as possible and be creative. The most brilliant essays are always written on controversial topics!