EssayService Review: Is EssayService Reliable or Scam?


EssayService prices

Review author: Alfredo “Fredo” Alvarez

6 out of 10

Is EssayService Legit? Pros:

  • Free revisions
  • Bidding system

EssayService Cons:

  • Poor quality
  • Plagiarism
  • Annoying support members

EssayService is a popular writing service among students, and it helps with different types of papers. In this review, I will check the quality, support, plagiarism issues, and other important things for a writing service. Continue reading to find out everything about this site!

Before writing this review, I checked other customers’ EssayService reviews. Of course, everything is fine on the site and supposedly, all customers are satisfied. But we all know that there is no such service that could fully satisfy all of its customers. This is absurd. Therefore, I started looking at independent sites. I was surprised that the service is not presented on! I checked and almost all comments there were positive. However, it is impossible to verify their truthfulness because those testimonials are left anonymously.

I also checked the site Essay-Reviewer, and here is what I found: Reviews

Is EssayService legit? There is no obvious answer to this question. But I hope that the service won’t plagiarize in the future because many students still trust it and rely on receiving quality assistance with papers according to the numerous amount of reviews that you can find online. Quality Review

An review is incomplete if it does not reference the quality of the service. I must inform you about the low standard of service offered by the website. My evaluation of the service isn’t biased in any way. It’s all about what I’ve tested, as well as specific reviews from previous customers. The writing platform on which the service operates is genuine, and there’s no doubt about it. However, a company’s authenticity has nothing to do with the level of service provided.

This brand’s quality of service is poor compared to other standards. Given that the company enjoys widespread awareness and advertisement, much more is expected from it. On, it proved possible to detect errors when ordering a task. Although you can order a lot of assignments at once, it might not be the best idea. I’ve found many grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors in papers that were delivered.

EssayService Support Review

First of all, I want to say that the constant pop-up window from the support service is very annoying. Moreover, when I was completely dissatisfied with the poor quality of an essay and asked for a full refund, the support service refused and offered to return the money only for one page. Fortunately, the bank helped me to receive the full cost, since it is not possible to rely on the support service in this matter. I think that this service should not neglect the customers’ satisfaction from their work.

Considering my experience and reviews, I can say that their customer support is not really helpful. This means that there is no sense in responding to your clients quickly if you can’t help them. First and foremost, they should focus on solving customer problems, not speed.

Plagiarism from

Let’s look at other customers’ reviews. Clients say that when they received papers, plagiarism was supposed to be absent, but something went wrong. As a result, customers received copied texts. Their writers often want to cheat and change a few words in the text so that the plagiarism is not recognized by their system. Fortunately, there are special programs that will show unscrupulous rewriting. That’s why if you want to buy an essay on, think twice because you may receive a plagiarized paper. 

In my review, I want to note that by delivering plagiarized papers, writers show their indifference and disrespect for customers. I ordered an essay on this site and received a plagiarized paper, given that the plagiarized parts were not quotes. Moreover, I want to warn that their checker does not check the texts well. If you decide to order essays here, you must check them on third-party resources. To my complaints about plagiarism, the writer was very surprised, but nevertheless, he rewrote the parts that needed to be fixed, although it took a lot of time. I believe that this is unacceptable, and writers should immediately submit unique papers, regardless of whether the client will check them or not. Promo Code and Price

If you think that using will help you to submit your papers on time, think twice. When I set a deadline in the order form, I expect that I will receive a completed paper by that time. I asked the writer whether he managed to complete a paper by the set time limit and he wrote, “yes.” On the due date, the writer informed me that he needed more time because my topic is difficult. But at the beginning he promised that the paper would be written on time. As a result, I received the finished work only 2 days after the deadline.

EssayService price per page

It is not a secret that students want to get good papers without paying much. Usually, the price depends on various factors. For example, the deadline influences the price. If the deadline is shorter, the price will be higher. I admit that while writing this article, I didn’t want to condemn this service, but it did not work out, especially because of the price issue. I want to mention that it is not easy to find out the prices on EssayService – usually, websites present prices in tables. The price table lets customers know that they will not be fooled, and unnecessary services won’t be added. There is no such pricing table here.

You can use an EssayService promo code but it won’t let you save much on the site. Also, it is worth saying that the service has a bidding system, which means that you should select a writer yourself with the bids offered by them. Also, a good option is that you pay only for completed parts. In this way, you will not be afraid that you pay for the order and won’t receive anything from them. Nevertheless, I don’t recommend to get help from EssayService or order any other type of paper here. The fact is that you will pay a very high price for low quality work.

Is Scum?

Like any other writing service, EssayService provides customers with free revisions. In general, I believe that this is a prerequisite for the existence of any writing site, especially when your writers cannot do the job well the first time. Unfortunately, their writers are not always happy to make the necessary edits. Personally, I asked the writer to add sources and format them according to the MLA format. Sources have been added but are not formatted correctly. Then I wrote again and asked for the right formatting. Fortunately, after the second appeal, everything was done correctly. In general, adjustments are provided, but they will have to be strongly demanded.

EssayService Writers Review

According to reviews, not all writers are capable to write good essays. Moreover, I don’t recommend ordering more serious papers. For example, if you order a dissertation, you can get into huge troubles. The thing is that this project affects your ability to get an academic degree, and if you entrust it to an incomprehensible person, then you can’t expect a good result. Unfortunately, you will not be able to find out if your writer has the necessary knowledge and qualifications before ordering a paper here. In addition, the photos of the writers that are presented on the site do not correspond to reality.

Those who tried to use the service noted that the site offered direct communication with the writer. Although such an option is present, many writers are apparently not in a hurry to respond to clients even though they are online. With the help of direct communication, customers should be able to ask for revisions and check how the work is progressing. But if the writer doesn’t respond or it takes lots of time, there is no need during direct communication. If you decide to get the help of EssayService, keep in mind that you will not easily get a response from the writer. 

EssayService Safety Reviews

It is said on the site that the firm protects the security and safety of its clients by asking for vital information only when necessary. But EssayService conducts advertising campaigns and shares client information with third parties. The good news is that it uses secure payment options such as MasterCard, Visa, and American Express to protect its customers’ payment information. The site has numerous security measures in place to detect and prevent criminal access to its clients’ details, as well as preventing unscrupulous individuals from planting malware and viruses on the website.

EssayService Guarantees Reviews

The guarantees of EssayService are unclear and often not honored, meaning that they cannot be relied on by customers. A quality paper is one of the promises that you may discover in reviews. I’ve found that this isn’t true. Some reviews claim this. However, some tasks completed by writers on the website include grammatical and spelling errors.

While they cannot guarantee that all of their writers are native English speakers, they can guarantee that all of their writers will maintain a high level of writing for all clients. But based on my research and reviews, it seems that many of their writers are not telling the truth about their qualifications. 

EssayService com reviews Summary

The review I wrote was based not only on my own experience but on the experience of other people who wrote honest reviews about I left this service with the thought that I was deceived. I paid money and got a paper that I could write better myself. Of course, it’s up to you to decide whether to take a chance and hope for luck or look for another, more reliable service.

FAQ on EssayService reviews

Can I get in trouble for using EssayService?

After reading our review, you probably understood that EssayService is not the best writing service to use. As a customer, you may receive a low-quality paper with plagiarism and incorrect formatting. The good news is that you can ask for edits, but it will take more time. You may be surprised because you may encounter positive reviews about the service, but the truth is that many of them were not written by real customers. Therefore, if you don’t want to spoil your academic performance, it is better to find some other writing service. If you don’t want to get in trouble, choose another site.

Is EssayService free?

No, of course it is not. They offer some free features like revisions or a title page, but to get them you need to order on the site. By the way, the features that they offer for free can be also found on other writing services. This is not something unique and unusual. All of these features should be provided by default by a writing company. Also keep in mind that you can only ask for free edits if the order is not yet closed. As practice shows, if you want to ask for corrections after the order is closed, they can only do them for an additional fee.

Is EssayService safe to use?

The first thing that comes to mind is yes. The service uses safe SSL encryption protocol and secure payment methods to keep your data safe and transactions secure. Thy say that they never disclose customers’ personal data or pass it on to third parties. They say that you don’t even need to give them your name, just your email address. And this is true, but indicating your email will lead to receiving lots of unnecessary ads. 

Is anonymous?

The information on the site says that they always keep their clients anonymous to keep anyone from finding out they used the service. Each of their clients has a unique ID to prevent using personal names for privacy purposes. Other clients can’t see your order details, only you and the writer are able to see the details of the order. However, keep in mind that you will need to give your e-mail on the site, and you’ll receive lots of spam after placing an order as a result.

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