EduBirdie Review: The Most Detailed of the EduBirdie Reviews

EduBirdie Review

Review author: McKay Terence, Fighting_Guy

6.5 of 10

EduBirdie Essay Writing Service Review: PROS and CONS

EduBirdie Essay Writing Service Pros:

  • Friendly support
  • Direct communication with a writer

EduBirdie Essay Service Cons:

  • No discounts
  • Papers of low quality
  • High prices
  • Neglect of deadlines
  • No money-back guarantee

EduBirdie Discount Code

There is no any Discount Code for all categories of users now. Students love to leave the writing of their papers to writing services. But how to find the right one among numerous writing sites? We decided to dig deeper and try to understand this by reviewing various writing services. Today, we will talk about It is a service that offers writing services to students. You will see whether it is worth becoming a customer of this site.

EduBirdie Promo Code

Unfortunately, at the moment there are no promo codes for all categories of users on the site too.

Is EduBirdie Legit?

On their website, they say their service is legitimate and customers’ personal information is protected. But I doubt this, and here is why. Of course, I also made an order on this site; otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to write a good review. And that’s what happened. After I used their service, I started getting a lot of spam emails. I also didn’t leave my email anywhere else at that time. For me, this meant one thing – they simply sell clients’ emails to other services, or simply do not protect them properly.

Review of EduBirdie Quality

Reviews from past Edubirdie clients show that the company’s research papers often have a high rate of plagiarism. Research papers that students order on Edubirdie are supposed to be 100% free of plagiarism, but many fall short of this goal, with some possessing as little as 80% original content.

This demonstrates the writers’ lack of diligence and responsibility. It may also jeopardize a student’s grade. The majority of the material they send is poorly structured. Writers have not mastered proper formats on Edubirdie. They show unprofessionalism while formatting projects in different formats. I found fault with the formatting. The citation formats, like APA, Harvard, MLA, and Chicago, are not correctly formatted. Support Review

The good news is that they have a support team and they respond fairly quickly. I decided to write to them before ordering. My question was if they had an Edubirdie price table. The thing is, I think that such a table must be on the site so that visitors can see the prices even before making an order. But we’ll talk about prices later. The support person did not answer my question directly but wrote that the minimum price is $13.99. I once again clarified about the table, to which I received the same answer, but paraphrased. I would envy the ability to get out. I would envy the ability not to answer the question directly. Honesty is what customers of any site are looking for. Ordering Process Review

Having a convenient and simple order form is important for a writing service. If to share my experience, I can say that the Edubirdie order form is simple, or even too simple. For example, when I look at it, I don’t understand what types of Edubirdie essays I can order there. It is obvious that an admission essay is written differently than a compare and contrast essay, for example. You don’t have the opportunity to select the type and you will have to contact a writer additionally to explain what you need. 

Do you know what else is important for writing any academic paper? It is a format or citation style. Edubirdie doesn’t allow you to choose APA, MLA, or Chicago format in the order form. Once again, when you will communicate with a writer, you will have to additionally clarify this question. It is not convenient. It is better to include all of your requirements at once than to keep in mind things that you will have to tell the writer in the future.


EduBirdie Prices Review


If you want to get bids from the best writers, you have such an opportunity. Edubirdie offers customers to get bids from top 50 writers and from top 20 writers, of course, for additional cost. For me, it would be better if they provided an opportunity to choose from writers of various academic levels. For example, it would be great if you could choose a writer of high school, undergraduate, and master’s levels. Why is it better? Because it is not clear by what criteria they select their top 50 and top 20. If you rely only on the reviews of previous clients, then this is wrong, since everyone has different requirements for work. And if a writer can write essays well for high school, then it is not a fact that they will also write dissertations well.

EduBirdie Plagiarism Checker Reviews

If you are worried that you will get a plagiarized paper, you can check it through Edubirdie plagiarism detection software. This is a nice option, and I think any writing service should have it. And it’s strange to me that even with this option and knowing that clients can review the papers, writers still submit them with plagiarism. I think that the reason is that many of the students make their orders quite late, on the last day before delivery. Therefore, they often do not check papers for either plagiarism or errors, trusting the so-called “professional” writers.

EduBirdie Prices Reviews

Many students have asked questions about the site’s price system and whether or not it is expensive. Edubirdie’s price system is not unique in that it allows users to select the desired package based on a grade scale.

Edubirdie offers three different packages of the same service, but the quality of each package differs. The packages to choose from are standard, premium, and platinum – all with their own set price. Within these packages, Edubirdie has a bid system in order to find writers for you; you can either choose a writer who bid higher or lower than others. 

A good option when making a first order is to use an Edubirdie promo code. However, even considering this discount, you won’t save much. I should highlight the fact that even if they tell you that their prices start from $13.99 per page, you won’t be able to order a paper at this price. At least it did not work for me, even though 9 days were set as the deadline! Now think about how many students order essays 9 days before the deadline. Believe me, this figure is reduced to zero.

How Much Does EduBirdie Cost?

When asking if an Edubirdie scam is likely, I would not answer so unequivocally, but I will definitely say that in some things they lie, especially when it comes to their writers. They tell that they test writers before hiring them. But doubts arise – perhaps the tests are too easy or these tests do not exist at all, since the quality of their work leaves much to be desired. And this is not only me who talks about this but also the reviews of other customers. Clients should remain satisfied with writers’ work but, in reality, it turns out to be opposite. 

Edubirdie Ratings Reviews

I already wrote that the service has a bad rating on TrustPilot – 3.2. But this is not the only site where you can find service ratings. Of course, you should not rely on the reviews presented on the site. These reviews are written by service workers and it can be seen with the naked eye. Let’s look at SiteJabber. Here, the rating is great and people praise Edubirdie papers. But don’t be so quick to trust them. There is one interesting feature in these reviews – their authors left only one review on SiteJabber. I’m talking not about this service, but in general. This is explained simply – for such good reviews, fake accounts are specially created in order to raise the rating of the service. In addition, many of these reviews have the same profile pics, which is already ridiculous. It means that the service orders good reviews about itself.

On, you can find mainly good reviews about Edubirdie essay writing. But I should note that this site has a non-standard reviews presentation. The fact is that here you will not know whether the review is reliable. Moreover, many of them are left anonymously. Therefore, even a good rating on this site does not guarantee its authenticity. Guarantees Reviews

There’s a lengthy Privacy Policy page and a Terms of Use section. Expect to spend around an hour learning all the ins and outs of the website’s operations. I’ve seen a company release a statement claiming they would refund your money, but you won’t find any more information. You’ll see their QA Team Supervisor, which says the words “money back guarantee,” but there are no specifics provided. Vague phrasing is all they can do.

Edubirdie Paper Writing Services Reviews

The following are just some of the academic services available:

  • Essay writing
  • Research paper writing
  • Coursework writing
  • Dissertation writing
  • Speech writing

EduBirdie Plagiarism Review

You can order not only an Edubirdie essay example but all other types of papers as well. As they say, their writers can write different texts with ease. However, such a range of services can be found on any writing service. This does not surprise or delight. What is surprising is that the service boasts of such a variety of services, but all these services, unfortunately, are of low quality. A professional writer knows the features of different types of papers. And as we have already found out, fake writers work on this site, who hide behind other people’s photographs and write low-quality works.

EduBirdie Essay Review

If you need to buy an essay or any other academic paper, I don’t recommend to use Edubirdie. I won’t say that this is the worst service ever, but unfortunately, it has more negatives than positives. For example, the order form doesn’t allow you to set all of your requirements. Writers who work there hide from other people’s photos and deliver low-quality papers. Plagiarism is also a frequent thing on this site. The support teams respond quickly but don’t provide the information or help customers require. 

FAQ on Edubirdie Reviews

How do I get money back from Edubirdie?

The information on the site says that you can either leave the refunded money on your balance for using it for future purchases, or request a return on your payment method by clicking the “Request a Refund” button. You need to send a follow-up letter on the results of the investigation. However, when you use Edubirdie, you can’t be sure that you will receive a refund if you are not satisfied with the writer’s work. On this site, it is very difficult to prove that your paper is of low quality and you don’t want to pay for it. 

Where is Edubirdie located?

This is a very interesting question, because the information on the website and other sources is very different. Some sites tell that Edubirdie is in the US (Delaware), you can such a location in Google Maps as well. In the About Us section, you can find their mailing address, which indicates Cyprus. But in reality, the company is located in Ukraine. I don’t understand why they are hiding and confusing customers.

How much does Edubirdie cost?

Their prices start at $13.99 per page and depend on the type of service you request, the paper size, and deadline. In addition, they use a bidding system, which means that writers offer their prices, so it’s possible to chat directly with them to get a good deal. But, as my experience shows, you won’t be able to order a paper at the $13.99 price or something near to this. Slight changes in the order form and the cost greatly increases. Moreover, when you reserve money to the account, you should keep in mind that it won’t be hard to get it back if you don’t like their services. 

Can you cancel an order on Edubirdie?

On Edubirdie, you can cancel an order. You can do it before the order is assigned to a specific writer or within 15 minutes after you create an order. I don’t understand why a customer should worry about these mysterious 15 minutes. Why do they set this time period? After all, they could have simply left a condition that the order would be canceled if the writer is not assigned. I guess that if 15 minutes pass after creating the order, and you did not have time to cancel it, you will have to pay. This is strange and incomprehensible. 

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