How to Get an Extra Grade on Your Writing Piece

How to Get an Extra Grade on Your Writing Piece

If you want to earn extra points on your essay then there are a few tricks you can try that will help to push you over the edge and improve your grade or get you extra credit. This doesn’t mean that you should write above and beyond the word count.

Use higher level English

You are going to have to look up what higher level English is, and there is no spelling and grammar checker anywhere that can improve your writing to higher level English. It is mostly about understanding the numerous rules regarding grammar to above and beyond college standards. A crude example is the correct use of “of which.” You often see a comma in front of “which” but that is not rally the point here. If you were able to use “of which” in a sentence that makes sense and fits, then that would be one count of using higher level English. The trouble is that you have to keep it up throughout your text, which means you cannot slip back into college level (or lower level) English use.

Make your results and analysis section a lot longer

Do not go over word count, but if you can fake more and more results on your research paper then it makes for a better grade. It looks as if you collected more data than you really did. If there are associated calculations and analysis, then you should add more of that too. Such data and calculations should not count towards your word count so you can add more to make it look as if you did more.

Reference a whole lot more

For every paragraph, you should try to find a reference that fits it and you should certainly try to find reference for every point you make. You do not even need to do it as you work. You can go back to your work and look up references for the points you make. The more “correct” references you add then the higher the grade you get.