Top 5 Topics for Writing Essay

Top 5 Topics for Writing Essay

When a professor enables you to choose your own topic for an essay, the opportunity can be both liberating and challenging. Sometimes it’s just easier to get an assigned topic and start writing whatever comes to your mind. When you are expected to write an intriguing piece about something that truly interests you, the pressure can cause additional difficulties. To help you surpass the struggles, we will help you choose a topic for your essay by providing a list of top 5 catchy and relevant themes that professors are always interested in reading.

1. You Only Live Once – What Does That Mean?

YOLO photos are all over the social networks. Students typically use that abbreviation as an excuse for doing something irresponsible, but the saying has much more meaning than that. Think about your expectations, moral dilemmas, and everything you plan on achieving in a lifetime. To spice things up, you can see how different religions view upon this matter and draw a parallel between reincarnation and the understandings of Christianity and Islam. That would make a long essay (or even a research paper), but your professor will love that you scratched the surface of a popular trend!

2. Terrorism

The social, religious, and political aspects of terrorism are an important issue of today’s society. This topic is not that comfortable to write about, but try to be open-minded and investigate the reasons that have lead towards acts of terrorism. Investigate the causes of the different groups and present the consequences of their ideologies into a well-organized, impartial academic piece.

3. Your favorite writer and literary character

This is a classic choice when it comes to writing essays for literature class. Don’t worry the fact that all students write such papers at one point or another doesn’t make them boring. Your favorite character in fiction tells a lot about you. Even an essay about your favorite superhero would be well-accepted by your professor, as long as you show how that character corresponds to your values and goals in life.

4. What if you woke up in a world without rules and laws?

Think about such “order without order” and describe what your own contributions would be. Any goal would be possible, but do you think that people would remain conscious about the greater good if they could do whatever they wanted?

5. Should animals be kept in zoos?

There are lots of pros and cons to zoos. You can investigate what different animal welfare groups think about this matter and try to explain what the perfect zoo would look like. Can you justify the fact that millions of animals are kept in poor conditions all over the world?

Write something you are passionate about!

Remember: you can always write an interesting academic paper when you pick a topic you are passionate about. If you are interested in a particular matter, your passion will show through the discussion and you will be able to capture your professor’s attention. If you cannot think of anything to write about, the 5 suggestions listed above will definitely help you find the topic for a captivating essay.