Top 5 Universities of USA

Top 5 Universities of USA

For a student who is about to continue their education to university, the right choice is of substantial importance. There are many schools to choose from, but not all of them hold the same reputation. If your goal is to enroll at one of the top universities in the country, you should keep your eye on the following options:

1. Princeton University

This university is currently ranked at the top spot in the U.S. News & World Report, and there are many reasons that justify that status. The campus set in a suburban area is one of the most inspiring surroundings for students. Surprisingly, the tuition and fees are slightly lower when compared to the other prestigious schools in our list ($40,170 for 2013-2014).

One of the greatest benefits for Princeton students is the “no loan” policy that provides grants instead of loans to students who need to be financially supported. As any other school, Princeton has it cons as well – it is an incredibly competitive environment that’s hard to get into and even harder to survive in.

2. Stanford University

The sunny climate is not the only reason to make Stanford your choice. The lovely campus offers plenty of opportunities for students to become part of various organizations and extracurricular activities. Greek life is an important part of the student’s lifestyle, which can be both a benefit and a drawback, depending on your inclinations. The most highly ranked graduate programs include Law School, School of Engineering, School of Business and School of Medicine. The tuition and fees are $43,245.

As far as the disadvantages are being considered, it has to be said that Stanford students experience high levels of stress because of overlapping classes and difficulties to reach the needed destination on time, since the campus is huge.

3. Brown University

One of the greatest benefits of Brown University is that its students have quick and easy access to both New York City and Boston. That certainly makes life easier. Brown is considered to be among the most liberal institutions of the Ivies since its curriculum allows for more flexibility and individuality for the students.

The drawback is that Brown is mostly focused on undergraduate studies and you won’t find many well-regarded graduate programs, except for the Warren Alpert Medical School and the programs in history and English. Nevertheless, this is the first choice of university for students who want to receive great education while having an actual life in the meantime. The tuition and fees are $45,612.

4. Harvard University

A top list of the universities in the USA cannot be left without Harvard. Since it is one of the largest educational institutions in the world, it offers loads of benefits for its students, such as impressive facilities, ability for students with financial difficulties to attend it for free, insignificant rate of loan debt and some of the most renowned scientists and scholars as members of the faculty. The tuition and fees are set at $42,292 for 2013-2014.
The lack of social life is one the disadvantage that Harvard students most commonly complain about. Another drawback is that this school attracts pretentious students who get on everyone’s nerves.

5. Yale University

This university doesn’t get the attention it deserves, mainly because it’s located in Connecticut. However, the humble campus is a great environment for living and socializing. If you are interested in studying medicine, law, management, nursing, art, forestry and environmental studies or drama, Yale may be your best choice. The tuition and fees are rounded up to $44,000.

If you enjoy living in a big city environment, however, you may find Yale’s peaceful surroundings to be a disadvantage.

Don’t forget: there are many other options to consider. Each school has its own pros and cons; you have to find a match that suits your aspirations, interests and lifestyle.