What Does Love Mean to Me Sample and Where You Can Get Similar Paper?

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What is love? Is it possible to put one of the most intense feelings you have ever experienced in a single sentence? Each human being has a different definition of love. For some it means possession, and others view it as a purely physical experience. Some women measure love with the diamonds they get, and for some men love means a tasty dinner on the table every night. For me, love goes deeper and means much more. True love doesn’t mean possessing someone; it is free of expectations and we cannot help but spreading it further when we discover its true meaning.

In order to discover what love means to me, I should start by defining the things that love is not. First of all, true love is never associated with the desire to possess the object of our emotions. When we love a person for who they really are, we do not want to consume their freedom and make them miserable because of our jealousy. Linking love to jealousy means that we are insecure in ourselves and in our own feelings towards someone. Loving someone doesn’t grant us the right to possess them. We should be happy for the person’s success and cheer them to achieve the greatest goals even if the events go against the image we have about our future together.

When we liberate ourselves from the shallow bitterness, resentment and possessive behavior, we enable our hearts to be flooded with love. Love means having no expectations. I don’t expect people to love me back just because I love them. The feelings of joy and happiness this emotion brings are the biggest reward I could ever get. Even a mother’s heart isn’t pure when she expects her son to become the person she imagined he would be, but is disappointed when he decides to take another path in life. Love means providing complete support and inspiring the person to become a better human being. When loving someone unconditionally, their happiness is more important than our own.

Not all people have felt real love for a person. Maybe it is easier to experience this emotion for a non-living object, but our personal expectations disable us to freely enjoy pure affection that’s different from an insignificant “crush”. Love doesn’t make us miserable and overly-attached. It sets us free from covetousness and all other “second-grade” emotions that should not be perceived as normal for our nature as human beings. When you find true love, you will understand the love involved in every aspect of our lives and the world that surrounds us. Everything on our planet is possible because of love. The Universe exists because of love. When we are able to go beyond the shallowness of the conception of physical love, we will understand not only love, but life itself.

So what is my personal definition of love? Love is an emotion that cannot be defined with words. It’s something defined by actions. It means caring for someone so deeply that we try not to change him/her, but to transform ourselves into persons worth loving. True love is not limited to a single person. The love towards someone is really special, but inspires us to love and understand the entire world as well.


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