EssayPro Review: This Writing Service Overview Will Let You Realize a Lot

EssayPro Review

Review author: McKay Terence, Fighting_Guy

Rate: 7 out of 10 Writing Service PROS:

  • Legit service
  • Bidding system
  • Discounts Writing Service CONS:

  • Long time answering customer support
  • The price does not correlate with quality
  • Many minor mistakes and mistypes

EssayPro is among the well-known online writing services that offer help to students who struggle with essays and other college papers. The website claims to be among the oldest companies that use a bidding system. However, although promises loads of benefits to customers, there are some doubtful aspects. Read one of the most genuine EssayPro reviews below and learn about the pros and cons of using this company. You will find out about the guarantees that include a money-back possibility. In addition, you will get an idea of how the bidding system works, whether it is possible to request a revision, and much more!

I want to start my EssayPro review by explaining the core differences between this service and its competitors. Before writing my feedback, I checked many other EssayPro com reviews. As I realized, this website offers affordable rates. Moreover, one can quickly get help with a paper in several hours as they claim to have the shortest deadline of 6 hours. By the way, writers who cooperate with EssayPro claim to be given a significant part of the paid amount as the service has low-margin profits.

Is EssayPro legit?

Is EssayPro legit? I wish to answer this question optimistically as the website seems trustworthy. Moreover, the service has pretended to act as a strong market player for almost eleven years. At the same time, it is nearly impossible to check the reliability of the service. Their guarantees could be a successful marketing move, a common approach for companies in this market. I also paid attention to the statistics on the website. The numbers seem realistic, again proving that one can call EssayPro legit.

EssayPRO Promo Code Review

Of course, I tried ordering from this service to make this review honest and trustworthy. After undergoing the fast and easy procedure of registration, I got an EssayPro login and could proceed with the order. I needed a 3-page essay on the topic of the consequences of global warming. I filled in the form on the site and entered all the preferences of my order. Available writers promptly started reacting to my request by sending their bids. The prices varied from USD 33.33 to USD 114. The difference between rates amazed me, so picking an author was a very challenging process for me. I stuck to the rate of USD 50. The result was quite satisfying; however, I had to work on the document alone to personalize it. I scored a B for my essay. After ordering, my overall impression is that the paper’s quality could be higher, assuming the rates offered by the EssayPro writers.

EssayPRO Customer Service Review

After registering on the site, you see your personal page with your profile. It is easy to reach a manager via this page, avoiding worries about security issues. You can contact a customer service manager online even at night, as the service works 24/7. Trust me – you will not feel like you are alone when you have an urgent question related to anything on the company’s activities.

Promo Code for EssayPRO

The service claims that you can start instant messaging with a manager in several minutes by entering the chat. It took me almost 10 minutes to reach out to someone who could competently answer my questions. However, a manager gave me a bonus by sending me a promo code for EssayPro, which helped me save money! This EssayPro code was given to me as it was my first time ordering help from this site. I am not sure that a returning customer can count on any promo code. Anyway, getting a bonus was pleasant and made me a more loyal customer than I was before. 

EssayPRO Discount Code Quality Review

The EssayPro writing service guarantees that customers will get papers of the highest possible quality. I can doubt the level of quality, as my paper was not perfect. However, I cannot say that the quality was completely low. Considering that I had a difficult topic that required deep investigation, I think the quality of the essay was satisfying. As I said, I always work on ordered papers and customize them to avoid plagiarism. There were several typos and repeated words. I think that my writer was in a hurry when completing my request. On the other hand, I realize that the writers of the EssayPro essay writing team are overloaded with orders assuming flexible rates. My overall impression of the quality is positive.

Is EssayPro safe


EssayPRO Coupons, Rates and Discounts Review

EssayPro prices are pretty flexible, thanks to their bidding system. When ordering assistance from essay creators, pay attention to the rules of EssayPro pricing. During the process of filling in the order form, you will get to choose the preferable level of writer, the volume of the paper, set the deadline, etc. All these preferences influence the final EssayPro prices. 

Of course, I must mention that the site has discount programs. The EssayPro discount could be up to 33% of the price. The minimal EssayPro coupon for discount could be 10% of the cost. The easiest way to get a promo code for EssayPro is by writing a request to a customer service team. When a manager answers you within the chat, you must ask for a promo code EssayPro.

EssayPRO Writers Reviews

I must mention the proficiency of the writers employed within the company. Precisely these people react to orders from customers by sending their bids. The service pretends that each author is qualified. Customers can also see authors’ ratings when they get offers from available specialists.

Of course, there are also EssayPro top writers whose ratings are the highest. It would be best if you were prepared to pay sufficiently more for the services of such specialists. I recommend you choose top writers only if you require assistance with a sheer volume and challenging paper on a rare topic that assumes deep research. paper writing team seems to be professional. I did not have any issues when communicating with my author. When my writer sent me his bid, I wrote him a message asking him to send me some samples of his essays on ecology, as my topic was related to global warming. I got a reply almost immediately and was satisfied. The bid I chose was USD 50, as I already said at the beginning of my review. It seemed reasonable to me, assuming my essay’s difficulty level. I also paid attention to EssayPro writer reviews and checked the opinion of other students who ordered papers from this author. The range of works that specialists of EssayPro can complete is impressive:

EssayPro writing service review Confidentiality Overview

The level of safety is high enough to say that this site is reliable. The team proclaims its mission to provide help keeping the privacy of clients untouchable. EssayPro does not collect customers’ personal data and requires minimal information to send you the ready document completed by an author. For example, the service does not store information about your payment data and does its best to keep customers’ personalities completely anonymous.

EssayPRO Sign In Reviews

EssayPro guarantees students’ money back according to their insider policies. It means that the service provides refunds in several situations:

  • You did not assign an author to work on your paper.
  • You confirmed the specialist and after canceled your order.
  • You made two payments instead of one.
  • A writer delivered your paper after the deadline.

The amount of a refund is discussable and estimated individually for each case. If you decide to ask for your money back, you will contact a manager and explain your concern.

EssayPRO Login Reviews

In my opinion, EssayPro should take more care about following deadlines. My author was supposed to send me a finished essay several days before he did his job. He told me about the delay in advance, so I was prepared. However, I do not think that such a situation is appropriate. As a customer, I would appreciate some more bonuses or features for clients whose orders were delayed. I imagine the due date could be very sensitive, and some students can get into a problematic situation ordering help here.

EssayPRO app Reviews

EssayPro is a reliable essay writing service that has operated within the market for quite a long time. I liked the feature that provides customers with EssayPro promo codes that offer up to a 33% discount.

My EssayPro experience was quite positive. At the same time, I must say that the team has work to do if they wish to improve themselves and get more satisfied clients.

Unbiased EssayPRO Review

One can quickly request a revision from an author who works on the assignment. I asked my specialist for updates on a paper several times. He reacted to my recommendations without any problems. I realized that nobody is perfect, and I was not expecting too much from my expert. So, when he could not write my essay correctly on the first attempt, I was not disappointed. I appreciate that the service does not ask customers to pay for revisions to the initial order requirements. At the same time, if you would like to change the order details, you should pay for the changes. For example, if you will ask a writer to write a more extended essay, it will cost more. And I think such conditions are completely justified.


FAQ on reviews

Can someone apply an EssayPro promo code?

The service has EssayPro promo programs offering new customers special EssayPro coupons and codes. This feature is appreciated mainly by newbies and clients looking for money-saving options. I recommend you turn to customer service available on your personal page on the site. If a manager does not offer you a code, you can ask for a bonus for new customers.

Is EssayPro scam?

I do not think that an scam can be confirmed. While cooperating with experts, I faced some minor issues, and of course, there are several cons to using this service. It is not perfect. However, calling the site a scam because they have some quality issues would not be correct. Some students mistakenly think that providing promo codes for EssayPro could signal that they are a scam. But as a client with experience, I assure you that is not true.

Is it safe to use EssayPro paper writing assistance?

In my opinion, it is pretty safe. I did not face any confidentiality issues. The service promises to secure the personal data of each customer and keeps its promise. If you are afraid that the teacher could find out that you ordered a sample from a professional author, do not worry about that. 

Are reviews trustworthy?

Before I decided to try ordering from EssayPro, I tried to research other customers’ feedback. I have read loads of reviews on EssayPro and went through many EssayPro ratings.  After researching, I realized that this site is not an ideal option, but it is reliable enough if you are ready to work on the received paper and customize it and wait a bit longer than you expect. Other aspects of cooperation were pleasing.

Is EssayPro free from plagiarism?

The service claims that each EssayPro writer is warned that being caught with plagiarism at least once would be the last day of cooperation with such an author. Anyway, I am sure that securing yourself from plagiarism issues is your responsibility. Hence, I recommend each student to check the paper with a specific tool after receiving it from the writer. Moreover, one should work on the paper by paraphrasing it and unifying the content. My opinion on the possibility of EssayPro plagiarism-related issues is that it is possible 50/50. That is why I have always worked on the papers I received and did the same when collaborating with the EssayPro writing team.

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