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Bestessay4u: Discover the Unknown Side

Overall score: 5/10

Applying for assistance from an academic writing service was an emergency for me. When I found that the deadline for my essay was running close, I started thinking about getting expert help. And my choice fell on Bestessay4u, a widely promoted writing organization claiming to employ an expert writing team, where the assistance I received could hardly be called professional. The company is just another fake competence service disillusioning users with its flowery statements and other baloney only to rip them off in the end.

In this Bestessay4u review, I’ll provide a reasonable explanation of why you had better avoid this writing service.

Bestessay4u Overview

This writing company offers academic assistance in a variety of disciplines. The help it provides comes down to writing services, centering on essay and paper writing. In terms of the area it operates in, Bestessay4u is just a regular organization capitalizing on students’ inability to complete their studying chores, but as regards the quality provided, I would classify it as a substandard writing organization.

How Secure Are You with Bestessay4u?


One of the few bright parts of this shady writing service is its privacy policy. Bestessay4u takes great care of the privacy protection of its customers, adopting a rigid system for regulating privacy. The system won’t ask you for your personal data as you are going through the order form. Being considerate about the safety of clients is a marker of a company’s high regard to its clientele. This being the case, Bestessay4u proves to be caring of its prudent customers. It’s too bad that this favorable feature is so largely compromised by the performance of this service, which I’m going to touch on further.

The Quality You Receive with Bestessay4u Review The Quality


Here is where Bestessay4u’s customers will face serious pains and pitfalls. The quality of my pedagogics essay was reminiscent of some C-grade writing developed by a high-schooler. The writer failed to provide a powerful thesis statement, resorting to irrelevant and absurd arguments. The subject matter of the essay was highlighted quite poorly and incompetently, which suggested of the writer’s scant academic skills as well as their insufficient background in the respective discipline.

However, I was surprised by the author’s English proficiency. The writing itself was developed masterly and skillfully and contained sophisticated grammar constructions and complex vocabulary, which fitted the standards of academic writing. Thanks to the writer’s English prowess, the flow of the writing was smooth and sharp. But, given the enormous amount of scholarly inconsistencies that my essay featured, it still couldn’t be called a solid and comprehensive paper.

When the Prices Get “High” Review - Prices


Another tremendous downside of this writing company is its prices on offer. Bestessay4u sets unreasonably high prices for its low-quality services. When I was charged with my price I payed in advance, I was hoping to receive comparable quality in return. Had I known how starkly the company’s pricing conflicts with its performance, I would definitely have canceled my urgent order. Like with almost every other writing service, here the price depends on three critical factors: time frame, academic institution, and the type of paper.

The lowest price you can pay Bestessay4u is $14.91, which pays for a high school essay developed in 20 days. The highest price a customer is required to pay is almost impossible to calculate hypothetically, as it’s underlied by another crucial factor: the number of pages. For instance, a 50-page dissertation written in 48 hours will cost you a whopping $1,802, and for a 20-page research paper created within a 24-hour time frame, you will have to pay $573.

Support Team


Contrary to Bestessay4u’s favorable, customer-centric privacy policy, the performance of the support team suggests a rather neglectful and highly inappropriate attitude to treating clientele. In helping me deal with my substantial issues, the support center workers were quite unprofessional and ill-mannered. They showed no respect to me as a customer and strongly mistreated my situation. When you face such incompetent and discourteous behavior from representatives of the service you pay money to, it’s really difficult to take it further. For this reason, I wrote a complaint letter criticizing the work the support reps did and finally received a sorry letter, but from the company’s administration, I suppose.

Drawing the Line

Bestessay4u is not the best option for those hoping to find legitimate all-embracing academic assistance. The company does hold a license and is thus certified to provide writing services, but in terms of its pricing regulations, I would simply go with calling it a scam. In this regard, I can’t fool my readers by recommending it.

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  1. I never thought I would end up being a client of a writing company. But as it happens, I did and chose this particular company, which made things even worse. Not only did the writer ignored my requirements, but also missed the deadline. I has an upsetting experience with this service((((((

  2. Well, what I wanted to say is that their support department is comprised of idiots who severely lack politeness!!

  3. The quality of article critique really suffered. I won’t apply to this company once more.

  4. The writer complied with the requisites given, but I wasn’t happy with my essay, anyway

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