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TrustMyPaper Review: Evaluating the Service without Embellishment

I see stories periodically about various writing services. Several days ago, I used the writing services of TrustMyPaper. This site was absolutely new to me. I hadn’t seen anything like this before, but it’s very likely that I could have missed hearing about terrible sites. And so I came to some important conclusions about this site. In my TrustMyPaper review, I will tell you what these guys hide from their customers.


When I used this service, I faced several problems. I honestly don’t understand why such a bad site still exists. I say so because the paper I received when I ordered from there was awful. Each writer should follow some academic rules. If we talk about TrustMyPaper, I should say that their writers violate all the possible rules. I decided to write this review because I was outraged by their work and wanted you to know about it as well.

6 secrets that TrustMyPaper hides from us

It’s not a secret that almost all students have problems with their homework. However, most of them still can’t afford to buy papers on writing sites, mainly for financial reasons. Perhaps for these reasons we all want to find a service that will provide quality help at reasonable prices. However, not all writing services are equally useful. Some mislead us and distort their real quality for the sake of money. In my review of TrustMyPaper, I have found out the truth they hide from us.

1. Prices are too high, and sometimes they’re not true at all

In my prices review, I had to consider different expectations for prices. Some writing services will actually help you to save on buying papers. And most students hope to get low prices in reality. However, customers who use TrustMyPapers constantly notice inconsistencies in the prices listed on the site and the real prices for papers and draw attention to them. While you are using this service, the price for a paper can change dramatically. Review Prices

2. The desire to get a quality paper can not be fulfilled

A writing service is interesting to customers only if it is useful and offers quality help. Thanks to professional writing services, we have the feeling that all other services are helpful and can deliver quality papers. However, if you use services like TrustMyPaper, you will have unpleasant experiences with poorly written papers.

Before I started to write this review, I ordered a paper on this site. After I received my paper, I came to the unpleasant conclusion that their badly written papers are dangerous to your grades. Many customers admitted that they also sometimes deliver plagiarized papers. Also, they often make serious mistakes.

3. The samples are unrealistic and edited to entice customers

Unlike the samples presented on the site, the papers they offer can differ greatly. In such services like TrustMyPaper, the samples can look really great, but the actual paper you get from them will compare poorly. It is not only my subjective impression, as lots of negative reviews prove my words. A professional writer can turn the dullest topic into an excellent paper, but you will not find such a person on TrustMyPaper. Review The samples

4. Testimonials are added to distract visitors and do not carry truthful information

Many writing services add testimonials to their sites. Customers always get into trouble while using this service, but comments on the site do not show that. They include only positive impressions from customers, giving a false impression. This is a deceitful reality: all testimonials are written by their staff and do not carry truthful information.

5. Papers are delivered with huge delays

In this review for, it is important to mention that they often deliver papers late. If you decide to use this service, you need to place an order long before you need to submit your paper, and still there is a chance you won’t get it on time. If you are looking for people who are ready to help you without delays, you need to look elsewhere.

6. The blog hasn’t been updated for a long time and doesn’t provide any benefit

Having a good blog strongly influences the overall impression of the site. You will agree that the blog of TrustMyPaper does not include many useful posts. To a large extent, there is nothing tragic in having such a blog, except the feeling of irritation. It is better to have a blog with useful posts for students with subtle advertisements of services which organically fit into the content of the articles. The posts presented on the TrustMyPaper blog greatly affect the tone of reviews. Customers also note that their posts are not helpful and they can’t understand how to deal with any particular paper even after reading through their guides.


TrustMyPaper is a completely different service from how it presents itself. On the site, you will not find professional writing help. It seems that they are not interested in having customers come to them and leave positive feedback. This and other reviews help customers to make the right decision by showing how expensive, unprofessional, and simply bad the service is. If you decide to use this service, you will find that their writers don’t know how to write papers according to academic standards. My advice is to find another service if you want to get a quality paper and save money.

My rating is 4 out of 10. 

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  1. in 99%, you will receive a terrible paper from them! This trustmypaper review is absolutely true. I have spent there almost $50, but received something awful. I don’t recommend anybody use this service.

  2. thanx to your trustmypaper review, we know in advance what would happen if we use this service. THANK YOU!

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