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MyEssayWriting Review: Why Nobody Should Use It

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Hi everyone! Writing services are my good friends because I don’t have enough motivation or time to deal with a long list of my academic assignments. I also have my own writing blog, and I want to spend more time writing the articles that I’m actually interested in.

Anyway, I’m very picky when it comes to ordering from a new service, and I always check numerous criteria before placing an order. I’ve evaluated a new service in my MyEssayWriting review according to the following checklist:

  • interface and website content
  • information about the service/writers
  • FAQ section
  • blog
  • prices
  • customer support
  • ordering process
  • security
  • customer feedback
  • quality of samples

And I’ve never been more disappointed. The most confusing thing is that I don’t really know who is willing to pay this company. I couldn’t find any concrete information about the writers: no ratings, bios, or comments from customers. MyEssayWriting doesn’t have any samples or blog articles to check, and you can’t ask for a preview.

If you’re a risky person, then this service is exactly what you’re looking for.

MyEssayWriting Review: First Impression

If you’re not a big fan of mustard color, then you won’t be impressed with the MyEssayWriting site at all. It’s bog standard and looks exactly like dozens of other sites of writing services. The website’s design is poor, and the MyEssayWriting team obviously doesn’t care about how their site looks.

You’ll find long paragraphs of text on the main page, but all the information is vague and unclear. I also haven’t found a FAQ section where customers may find helpful answers. In this particular case, the first impression wasn’t deceptive.

MyEssayWriting Review: Pricing Policy

I have so many questions about prices at MyEssayWriting that I don’t know where to start.

Firstly, the information about prices isn’t consistent on different pages of the website. On the main page, I noticed this little table:

Pricing Policy - MyEssayWriting

But in the Prices section, they have slightly different information:

Prices Section -MyEssayWriting

Let me explain: one double-spaced page = approx. 275 words. Therefore, the prices on the main page are higher than the ones on the Prices page (the difference is about $2 per page). In addition, you have no opportunity to calculate your price in advance. MyEssayWriting has no table or price calculator, and you can’t place a free inquiry.

Secondly, this service claims that they hire exclusively ENL writers who “deliver 100% authentic and original works.” I’m not 100% sure about this fact, as professional ENL writers never work for such low pay.

Finally, I haven’t found any information about a loyalty program or discounts. Probably, this service is so bad that it doesn’t have any returning customers.

MyEssayWriting Review: Order Process

When I check a new writing service, I always place a test order to learn more about the quality of the samples. Unfortunately, I couldn’t complete the order process on MyEssayWriting.

When you use online writing services, you don’t want anyone to know about it. Numerous writing services require only your email to contact you. Some of them simply give you an anonymous ID, and you don’t have to share personal information at all.

But when I tried to place my test order on MyEssayWriting, I saw this page:

Order Process - MyEssayWriting

You can’t proceed to the next steps of the ordering process without sharing your email, full name, and phone number. And you won’t find any explanation of why they need all this information!

If you don’t want to put your confidentiality at risk, you should definitely find another writing service.

MyEssayWriting Review: Website Content and Blog

I didn’t have the opportunity to check the quality of a sample in the simplest manner. So, I decided to go in a roundabout way, and check the website’s content and blog.

Surprisingly, I never found the blog. Not even one post. MyEssayWriting doesn’t have this section on the website. As for me, that’s totally a red flag.

So, I checked the only sample that you can find on the website here:

Website Content - MyEssayWriting

This sample is about ethos, pathos, and logos — three appeals of rhetoric. Actually, it’s not that bad, but I’ve spotted a couple of mistakes that are unacceptable for academic papers:

  • The writer uses the personal pronoun “I.”
  • Only one source is cited in a four-page essay.
  • The formatting isn’t consistent.
  • The language is very simple (high school level).

Thus, if you want to order something more serious than an essay about your summer vacation, I would recommend you to use another writing service.

MyEssayWriting Review: Customer Feedback

There is a page dedicated to the testimonials on the MyEssayWriting service. But they look so unnatural that I don’t want to put them in my review. Instead, I checked customer feedback online, and here is what I found.

Customer Feedback - MyEssayWriting

These customers don’t sound satisfied. They complain about the low quality of samples, unhelpful customer support managers, and late delivery. From what I’ve seen on the website, I’m not surprised.

MyEssayWriting Review: Conclusion and Recommendations

The verdict is obvious: avoid using MyEssayWriting. I can’t say for sure that their samples are bad — I didn’t complete the ordering process because of their requirements. But if you put all the information about this service together, you won’t get an attractive picture.

I don’t recommend sharing your personal data with this service or ordering from its writers. Be safe and look for a better service!

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  1. I was stupid, and I placed my order on this site. They delivered a horrible sample (plagiarism, grammar mistakes, zero sense). I wanted to get my money back, but they ignore me. I HATE THEM!

  2. Their site attracts customers, and then they write sh*tty papers. This scam has to be stopped!

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