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EssayBox Review: Interesting Things about the Service

Those who have ever used a writing service know that each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. But if we are using a writing service for the first time, we don’t know what to expect from it. Sometimes reviews help you to understand how a site works. Today’s EssayBox review is just about how one of these writing services works. With this, you have the opportunity to avoid a shady writing service.

Evidence that EssayBox is not a good option

It seems that EssayBox does not always understand what customers expect to receive from them. With such work, they can’t avoid these unpleasant attitudes from customers. The best way out of the conflict is simply providing clients with quality papers. I have used this service and surfed the Internet in search of testimonials, and I will tell you what I have found in the following review on EssayBox.

What Customers Say

On the site, you can find testimonials from customers. Truthfully, I was puzzled. After a Google search, it turned out that those testimonials on the site are untrue. Sometimes it seems that writing services believe that we are all fools. Everyone of us can do a search and find out that most customers who have used EssayBox are dissatisfied.


If you still don’t know whether EssayBox delivers original papers or not, the answer is “no.” They don’t stick to the principle of writing from scratch. I will argue with you if you say it is not important. Originality can greatly affect your grade for the paper. Nevertheless, if you want to receive an awesome and unique paper, you need to find another service.


It is important to talk about writers in this EssayBox review. I can say that the writers working for EssayBox are not quite professional. They deceive their customers by saying that their writers are professional. They pretend that they understand what customers want, but in reality deliver substandard papers. You should carefully examine the completed paper, because it may have lots of mistakes. They don’t know how to write papers in different format styles. Moreover, it seems that they don’t have experience in academic writing at all. Prices Review

EssayBox Prices Review

I sincerely do not understand why their prices are too high. The trouble is that most students can’t afford buying papers at such costs. They simply don’t have enough money to pay for their services. For this reason, I believe they should make their prices lower. Moreover, I do not understand why, with such low-quality papers, I should pay so much.

Money-back Guarantee

Together with all other important features, a professional writing service should provide customers with a money-back guarantee. I think you will want to use a service that offers such an option. Providing a money-back guarantee increases the chances of good sales, and EssayBox offers such an option on its site. However, you should be careful in choosing it. According to numerous testimonials, they usually don’t refund money. They try to draw people’s attention saying they offer this guarantee but in reality they don’t. Of course, this provokes a lot of negative comments from customers.


Let’s talk about delivery in this review for EssayBox. On-time delivery attracts special attention, especially concerning writing services. On the Internet, customers often write that EssayBox delivers papers with delays. Students need to submit papers on time, but when using this service, you can forget about it.


Providing free revisions to customers shows that a writing service does everything possible to meet customers’ needs. Based on the fact that EssayBox offers such an option, but does it quite badly, I can’t say they care about their customers much. If you place an order here but don’t like something in the paper you received, the writer won’t put effort into improving the paper.

Samples Samples and Examples

Traditionally, writing services have a page on the site where samples are posted. Most often such samples are written in the best possible way to attract customers to the service. I have viewed several samples on EssayBox, and I don’t like them at all. Some of them don’t have references, while others are simply poorly written. My reaction to those samples was negative, and I assume that they write papers in this way as well.


Each professional writing service should introduce a blog to visitors. A good blog attracts readers’ attention with interesting articles that can help students deal with their papers. The main idea of such a blog is to be useful, as not all students want to order papers. I couldn’t find a blog on EssayBox. This fact makes me think that they only want customers’ money without providing any useful information.


It is incredibly difficult for a service that offers low-quality help to not cause a stormy negative reaction from customers. And EssayBox is not an exception. They approached providing writing help unprofessionally, which negatively affects their reputation. Professionalism is a valuable quality which they don’t possess. It’s great when you know how to avoid services that cheat, and I hope my review helped you in this regard. I’m sure that readers of this post learned not only how EssayBox works, but also how to distinguish a bad service from a good one. Indeed, sometimes even the brightest writing sites can cause a lot of trouble.

Well, I think this service deserves a score of 4.2 out of 10. 

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  1. I faced with the same problem like this review says, the declared services do not correspond reality!!!!!!

  2. I’m trying to be on the lookout, although I fell for the copycat of this site that presents attractive offers, but instead I received an awful paper. LIARS!

  3. I agree with this essaybox review, I saw from my own experience that I don’t need to trust services like this one too ,much

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