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There are lots of writing websites around us, but are they all successful? Most of them have failed. But why? One of the most common reasons is that they do not put user needs in front of business ideas. Being good to users is one of the key features of any successful writing service, and, not paying attention to this aspect, you are in a hard battle for increasing sales. Does BuyEssayOnline provide a great user experience? To tell the truth, no.

Below you will find a buy essay online review compiled after looking through the website carefully and reading through users’ testimonials. But before that, here is how the service looks: Review

This screenshot should give you an idea of the main features they present and my goal today is to find out whether they stick to what they promise or not. Below I will consider key features which are important for a customer and whether the service implements them.


Comparing testimonials on the site and each review I have found on the internet, I would say that the testimonials on the site are fake. What is interesting on this site is that they have only positive feedback. This method is used to make the customer believe that their service is a good option, but it’s simply cheating. New customers should be aware of this fact and not believe the testimonials presented on the site. Looking for reviews on the internet can reduce the risk of receiving a poor-quality paper.


Pricing - Buyessayonline

The table above doesn’t actually give a clear understanding of prices for different papers. They believe that the prices they present will be enough for the user, but they are mistaken. They need to present prices for different types of papers and different deadlines. At first, the price of $17.55 looks quite reasonable. However, we don’t know how much it will increase if I choose to have a research paper written in a week. When you place an order here, you may be unpleasantly surprised by how the price can expand.


The blog on the site has not been updated for almost four years! Moreover, the posts published there are pretty sloppy. In addition, the headings of blog articles don’t correspond to the content they present. It demonstrates that they don’t care about how their service looks, so it may mean that they don’t care about customers’ papers as well.


Ordering - Buyessayonline

I hate when writing services require a phone number from customers. You can see that the order process needs you to go through four steps. If you want to place an order in a few minutes without mentioning your personal info, then BuyEssayOnline is not the perfect place for it. The site uses an order system that is too complicated and time-consuming. If you are familiar with the annoying situation of providing your email and phone number and getting spammed with lots of promotions, then you know you should avoid this site.


The one thing that really makes BuyEssayOnline look unprofessional is the absence of information about the writers. It perfectly shows how the service hides this information for some sketchy reason. The customer should be provided with various options to choose from. The fact that they don’t show their writers or tell where they are from does not draw positive attention to the service.

Paper Quality

The reason why each review for I saw was negative is that they provide customers with poor papers. The site is not like most online writing services that care about their reputation. This is a bad thing, as it makes customers give preferences to other services. Providing quality services helps them stand out. If you don’t write good papers, it can lead to an unsuccessful outcome. The quality of papers from BuyEssayOnline is very poor. Again, they should work on this if they want customers to come to their service. Other services reap the benefits from their quality.

Money-Back Guarantee

This writing website is full of guarantees on it. The first that I noticed is a money back guarantee. It’s funny, because I saw real testimonials from customers and they say the service does not give money back to customers if they do not like the final product. I believe that they shouldn’t say that they can give your money back if they don’t actually do it. If you are looking for a website that provides customers with such a guarantee and implements it, then BuyEssayOnline is not a perfect option for you. It doesn’t demonstrate professional honesty.


The service says that they sell different types of papers. According to the name of the site, I would assume that they put the emphasis on providing customers more with essays, with other papers also being provided, but no. As for essays, they help only with an admission essay, business essay, and MBA essay. That is what I have seen on the main page. Even if they help with other types of essays, I believe they should mention it as well.


Using BuyEssayOnline is a scary adventure where you don’t know what will happen next. It is completely different from any other site that provides customers with quality papers. There are lots of negative reviews that prove it. Due to the low quality of their assistance, I don’t recommend using it.

I want to rate this service 5 of 10 and hope that they will improve their service.

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  1. Thier writer worked on my dissertation as I don’t have enough time for this. They took my results and turned them into a poorly written text which didn’t meet my requirements at all. I won’t recommend this service to anyone!

  2. Even after a few revisions, I received a terrible paper. Definitely I will not use it anymore!

  3. I used this service once when I was a student. It was a big mistake. I got a poorly written paper.

  4. I agree with this buyessayonline review and I can describe this site in three words. Terrible, unprofessional and irresponsible.

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