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A Necessary 123HelpMe Review to Read Through

A good writing service should successfully combine quality papers, professional writers, and affordable prices. 123HelpMe differs from other writing services. You won’t find the help here that you expect to get. Today’s 123HelpMe review is proof of this. I am sure that each of you will find it helpful — you just need to take a closer look at it. You will find a lot of interesting facts about the service.


Do you know what a standard writing service looks like? They usually have an order form, present prices, and provide full information about their services. It seems that all writing services should be the same, and 123HelpMe is not an exception. But this is not so. They don’t have an order form. They also say that all materials are presented for free. But you can discover the real truth in the following 123helpme.com review.

123HelpMe Essay Review

In a crowd of similar writing services, 123HelpMe stands out for its so-called “free” access to essays and other types of papers. However, the essays which I managed to read through were not as good as they should have been. Their essays will not delight readers with good quality. You can read those essays yourself, of course, if you sign in and pay money.


As I have already mentioned, you will see immediately that this service doesn’t look like any other service. If you have decided to order an essay, you need to look elsewhere. They offer prewritten essays, and this can have a bad effect on a student’s career if he or she uses such essays. Nevertheless, if you use 123HelpMe, you will get access to services like good essays, free essays, term papers, research papers, and so on.

After you look through the service, you can see that they present papers on different topics. These papers may serve only as inspiration for you. To inattentive viewers it may seem that these essays can be submitted as their own essays, but it’s not true. This is plagiarism. If you really don’t want to write essays yourself, you’d better order them on professional writing services.


123HelpMe Review Testimonials

Each time I see such testimonials on a writing service, I want to scream, “Stop lying!” If you want to know the real opinions of customers, you need to surf the Internet and find them. If you have a fear of dealing with cheating writing services, you should always read feedback from real customers. By the way, I have found lots of negative testimonials about 123HelpMe.


On 123HelpMe, to read the paper fully, you need to click “Read Full Essay” (if we are talking about an essay, for example). Then you need to get access where you need to enter an e-mail address and select a password. However, don’t rejoice ahead of time — this is not all. You will be forced to provide payment information.

123HelpMe.com Payment Information

Although the site says that you will get access for free, this is not true at all. Providing your payment information will lead to being charged $29.99. Many would not want to pay such a fee. And after a month has passed, you will need to pay $29.99 again. Even if you disagree with this method, you will not get a refund.

So, if you decide to use this service, it’s important to know that it is not really free. It sets a bad precedent when a service promises free help but still charges you for its services.


Besides the fact that the 123HelpMe staff is full of scammers, they also don’t provide any discounts to their customers. It can be a real challenge to find any information about the price you should pay. For some reason, they say that using the service is free, but in reality this is absolutely untrue.


You can immediately understand that quality is not their strong side. The papers on 123HelpMe are simply not as good as those written by professional writers on other sites. The main thing you should know is that the content is not unique because it is presented to everyone. You may wonder why you need those papers. Maybe, you think you can just rewrite a paper taken from the site. However, I believe you will not easily be able to rewrite content so that it doesn’t have any similarities with the source. The only safe way is to use it for inspiration.


We all want to get in touch with the support team when something goes wrong. But when you use 123HelpMe, you can’t reach any support team. Here I learned that they have an e-mail that you can use to get in touch with them, but apparently you will not even get an answer from them. A lot of customers say that the staff are not in a hurry to respond to e-mails. If you use this service, you will find out that they don’ really care about their customers.


The name of 123HelpMe is now associated with cheaters for me. If you are in search of a writing service that can write your paper for you, then you should look for another option. There are only a few writing services which are able to provide customers with quality writing help, and 123HelpMe is not one of them. You will pay only for templates that you can’t present as your own papers. So, I highly recommend you to avoid using this site.

I rate this service 4.1 (out of 10).

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  1. like it was said in this 123helpme articles review, when you begin to use this site, you see that it is not free at ALL!!!!!!

  2. Are this service serious? Do they really think that people who are interested in essays will want to use those samples? Even those who didn’t buy essays know how a good paper should look like

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